About us

We develop structures, connect technology and companies as well as the people working in them.


We develop and manage projects of all sizes – regardless of whether for big players or for medium-sized companies. Thanks to our experience, we are familiar with investments of all sizes, which we plan and carry through with conviction. We solve complex tasks quickly, pragmatically, in an uncomplicated way. We consider ourselves as part of your team and contribute to the operational side of things. We analyse, plan and develop solutions together and make optimal use of resources and tools. This takes the pressure off your teams and brings transparency to your projects.


billion euros are the project budgets for which we are typically responsible for.


As your development specialists, we don’t just want to refine your projects or organisations. We above all want to empower and encourage your employees to continue to manage projects independently once our job is done. During the development process, we work in partnership both with your management and your team as a whole.
In so doing, we work systemically, without losing sight of the short- and long-term objectives. With you, we unleash new corporate strength by driving digitalisation and transformation and preparing your team for the digital future.


As system architects we connect technology, companies and the people who work in them. Digital media and tools enable the project development and implementation as well as the communication of all parties involved to be efficient and holistic. But we also connect with our clients and counterparts in the spirit of partnership to be as aware as possible of each stage of the project development.


We are always looking out for exceptional know-how and for people who help us to get even better. You want to get started with us? In that case, we look forward to receiving your application.


The digitalsalt team consists of experienced specialists, who have worked for many years in complex and large projects or product development programmes. For this reason, we can draw on knowledge from the fields of security and defence industry, shipbuilding, aircraft construction and mechanical engineering, mechatronics and computer sciences. Here, we’d like to briefly introduce ourselves.

digitalsalt - Ihre Beratung für Agiles Development Framework

Our development specialists:

André Averhoff

digitalsalt - Björn Jahnke

Björn Jahnke

digitalsalt - Marko Schulz

Marko Schulz

Georgios Nanos

Thomas Schäfer

Mark Ogbonna

Frederik Armbrecht

Fabian Emil

Finn Laßmann

Piet Bohn

Sola Nishiyama

Lucas Puebla

Our back office:

Meike Willenbockel

digitalsalt - Ihre Beratung für Anforderungsmanagement

Maxie Marcks

Milena Schott