We keep things in perspective, recognise correlations, simplify them, reorganise them.


We take care of everything related to the development of your products and processes: we establish systems, software solutions, logistics and data management tools and everything that’s associated with these.
Regardless of the size of your project, our team supports you in finding long-term and entrepreneurial solutions for current and upcoming challenges. We always conceive of your company, teams and staff as partners in the process with whom we work on an equal footing.
We rely on an atmosphere of mutual trust, which is the only way we can ensure that everyone contributes to the process of change in a highly motivated way and your employees are fit to deal with the technology of the future after our input.


per cent of all managers consider increased networking and product complexity the greatest challenges of the future.

digitalsalt - Project Management


Due to evolving technologies and advancing digitalisation, the challenges that are implicated with managing programmes and projects are greatly increasing. Product development and manufacturing, but also management topics of all kinds across the entire product lifecycle must be steered in a results-oriented manner.
Our employees have gained extensive experience in responsible positions from large-scale projects and in series production. We bring this experience to the table when working with you. Always with the aim of supporting you with pragmatic, sustainable and pro-active management. We are certified according to IPMA and PMI standards.


Greater interdisciplinarity of future products poses far-reaching difficulties for companies in almost all industries. Taking into account the entire process chain in the product lifecycle, the management capacities for designing state-of-the-art systems is increasing at a grand scale. Complex products in medical technology, large infrastructure programmes, construction projects in the security industry as well as other projects place challenging demands on systems, processes and people.
With extensive understanding of systems, specialist knowledge and the right methods, we support you in orchestrating cross-disciplinary collaboration – for the successful introduction of systems engineering in your company.

digitalsalt - Ihre Beratung für Anforderungsmanagement
digitalsalt - Ihre Beratung für Software Development


There are  several stumbling blocks that need to be removed on the way to an integrated development process. We understand where and how your product data is created in the lifecycle and know the hidden challenges. We work with clear structures, communicate transparently and integrate requirements with a holistic system awareness. With an interdisciplinary view, an extensive understanding of processes and the ability to quickly understand your engineers, we are the ideal partner for your PLM team.


With advancing digitalisation, the amount of data to be managed within the scope of complex business processes is constantly growing. Inconsistent and unstructured data management leads to inefficient procedures and high error rates along all process chains. The use of individually developed software solutions ensures sustainable data management here.
We develop a software solution tailored to your needs. In the process, we take on and accompany the entire software development process in a holistic and goal-oriented manner. From planning and development through to rollout and user training. Should you have your own experts for the software development, but require support in some areas, we are also happy to take on sub-sections for you.

digitalsalt - Ihre Beratung für Agiles Development Framework
digitalsalt - Ihre Beratung für Product Lifecycle Management


With digitalisation, the collection and storage of data has taken on a life of its own. Yet this opportunity has only in very few cases led to large-scale value creation. Using the right strategies, digital platforms and tools, however, we can ensure sustainable progress and faster growth. Our development specialists guide and accompany you with our service portfolio on the pathway to a truly data-driven company. In-depth, well-conceived, fast.


The increasing demands on logistical support require new processes and sustainable structures. Far beyond production, what come to the fore here are the maintenance, operability and durability of systems. We help you to initiate and implement the necessary ILS measures holistically already at an early stage. We support you in managing your logistical data and processes. With us, you receive technical expertise, management consulting and operational support from a single source.