Agile Development Framework

In seven steps to your individual software solution

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Shorter innovation cycles and consistently new technologies require a new way of thinking when it comes to planning and processing modern development projects. We rely on agile methods for more effectiveness and competitiveness. We combine the most proven methods from different approaches and thereby initiate flexible and dynamic cooperation within the entire project team. From requirements management and prototyping through to sprint planning and rollout – for the long-term success of your software development project.


First, we work out with your project team what added value the software should bring to your company. The end users are brought into the equation right from the start to clarify how to interact with the application in the best way. Our development specialists also talk about the content-related risks and chances with you at this stage.
As an agile development team, we also always face up to the changing requirements in the process. In so doing, we create the foundation for long-term project success already in the early phases.

digitalsalt - in 7 Schritten zu Ihrer Enterprise-Anwendung


Depending on the requirements and degree of complexity, it’s necessary to consider on which basis the development should be grounded. From the use of standard software to the highly individualised new product – we jointly find the ideal solution approach and then launch the implementation with you. From databank design through to front end, our development specialists draw on best-practise solutions and valuable experiences from earlier projects. This means you stand to benefit from an efficient and proven approach.


Even if goals have been defined and requirements laid down, many people find it difficult to imagine functionalities and features, and not just at the beginning of a software development project. To match our understanding with your ideas, we therefore use prototyping. More complex modifications can thus be initiated at an early stage and the project risk is minimised long-term.

digitalsalt - Ihre Beratung für Agiles Development Framework


We work with you on a common vision. To bring it to life, close cooperation and full transparency is needed. With feedback loops and regular project status updates, we give full focus to shared understanding, also during the ongoing development of the application. With short development sprints and a MVP principle that we live by, we achieve the goal together step by step.


The introduction of new software always involves risks, of course. A successful software rollout therefore requires careful and holistic planning. With the experience of our development experts and in close liaison with your project team, we reduce integration risks extensively and ensure that the new software is fully integrated into your existing IT infrastructure – in the day-to-day running of the project, too.

digitalsalt - Ihre Beratung für Agiles Development Framework


Often the challenge of migrating existing data arises when introducing a new application in ongoing projects. Our experts work with you at an early stage to develop an appropriate and well-conceived migration concept based on legacy system analyses. Faulty legacy data is cleaned up in the process and a smooth transition is ensured.


The user is at the heart of the development for us right from the start, meaning that the most important step for the sustainable introduction of new software has already been taken. In addition to the IT-related issues of the rollout, we also support you with key user training and further measures to increase the acceptance of the new application – for long-term satisfaction on part of the users.


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