AI Data Pilot

AI that actually saves you time. Every day.


The AI Data Pilot is your personal chatbot for efficient data access. The AI-supported system helps you to search quickly and efficiently in all relevant information sources. For companies that work with large amounts of data from different sources and systems, the Data Pilot offers the ideal interface between people and information.

The AI Data Pilot is your ultimate solution for coping with the flood of data and having the right information at your fingertips at all times.

Utilize the full potential of your existing data and turn it into valuable insights.


AI Data Pilot is designed for any company that needs to make fact-based decisions and whose source of truth is extensive and distributed across different authoring systems. Users do not need any prior knowledge of the company-specific data structure.


The AI Data Pilot works with state-of-the-art AI technology to optimize the quality of the answers and search results. Company data is unique, which is why our team also develops company-specific adaptations on request in order to address the specific requirements of your company and integrate additional sources and data structures.

Fast Data Research

The AI Data Pilot searches emails, databases and documents in a matter of seconds and presents relevant results at a glance. This enables efficient data evaluation and decision-making without long search times.

Ease of Use

You do not need any knowledge of the data structures in the background to interact with the application. With simple keywords, questions and filter options, searching your data is child’s play. Sit back and let the AI do the work!

Comprehensive Data Coverage

The AI Data Pilot can connect a variety of data sources, including product data, emails, contracts, meeting minutes and standards. This allows users to retrieve information from different areas and make decisions based on the best possible data.

High Response Quality

The Data Pilot can unfold its full potential when you integrate company-specific data sources. Add process descriptions, standards, contract documents or other data from your sources and turn your Data Pilot into a smart tool.

Individuality & Customization

Every company is unique and has special data and structures. We help to make even complex data structures accessible. No matter how deep the data is buried in your archive, we prepare it and make it usable again with the help of AI technology.

Secure Access

The AI Data Pilot is a cloud-based application that meets the latest encryption standards. Authentication and access are secured throughout by robust protection mechanisms to ensure the security of your data at all times.

Quote and Filter Functions

With the AI Data Pilot’s citation and filter functions, you can define from the outset what you want to search for. All the information retrieved is backed up with sources to support your statements with facts. This means you always have reliable and comprehensible data to hand.


We get to know you and your data landscape better during an initial consultation.

On request, we can set up a demo environment within a very short time, based on test data that you and we consider suitable.

Our team will support you with the introduction of the Data Pilot and give you valuable tips and best practices for using it. This will help you gain initial experience with the AI Data Pilot.

Following a successful test phase, we are expanding the AI Data Pilot’s access to other data sources and systems.

It’s time to introduce your employees to the new assistant. We will support you and train your users in how to use the AI.

Depending on the complexity of your data and requirements, our development team provides support in adapting the basic application to customize the Data Pilot.

Use the knowledge already available in your company more efficiently and quickly. The AI Data Pilot helps you to refine these resources and thereby achieve competitive advantages.


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