Project Management

We work with result-oriented, proactive, pragmatic and sustainable management methods.


Due to evolving technologies and advancing digitalisation, the challenges that are implicated with managing programmes and projects are greatly increasing. Product development and manufacturing, but also management topics of all kinds across the entire product lifecycle must be steered in a results-oriented manner.
Our employees have gained extensive experience in responsible positions from large-scale projects and in series production. We bring this experience to the table when working with you. Always with the aim of supporting you with pragmatic, sustainable and pro-active management. We are certified according to IPMA and PMI standards.


individual tasks were the basis for the project planning for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

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Large-scale projects often pose a particular challenge. The focus is often on product development and manufacturing as well as the entire product lifecycle. Customer requirements, interfaces, functions and verification management need to systematically interlink. To this end, we offer you tailor-made solutions to manage the complexity and to keep all objectives in view. In the process, we always work with clear structures, communicate transparently and integrate requirements with full awareness of the consequences.


Controlling costs and deadlines is essential for every project. Earned Value Management additionally provides you with the opportunity to recognise at an early stage whether time and money are being used sensibly. Planning and reality bear a direct correlation with each other in the process. This methodology offers the basis for sound project management throughout the entire course of the project. With our development specialists’ expertise, we support you in both setting up and implementing holistic EV management.

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This holistic and proactive cost management discipline helps you in product development, taking into account both technical as well as economic specifications. We show you how to recognise the composition of your product costs before they come to surface. By bringing together engineers and business people early on, we increase your product value right from the outset. In so doing, your sales department can also access new feasibilities at an early stage.


We provide you with solutions that allow you to keep an eye on all crucial aims, budgets, resources, deadlines and quality features.


With Project Management Offices as the methodical backbone, we lead your project to success with you. We support you in professionalising competencies, teams and methods.


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Greater interdisciplinarity of future products poses far-reaching difficulties for companies in almost all industries. Taking into account the entire process chain in the product lifecycle, the management capacities for designing state-of-the-art systems is increasing at a grand scale. Complex products in medical technology, large infrastructure programmes, construction projects in the security industry as well as other projects place challenging demands on systems, processes and people.
With extensive understanding of systems, specialist knowledge and the right methods, we support you in orchestrating cross-disciplinary collaboration – for the successful introduction of systems engineering in your company.


There are  several stumbling blocks that need to be removed on the way to an integrated development process. We understand where and how your product data is created in the lifecycle and know the hidden challenges. We work with clear structures, communicate transparently and integrate requirements with a holistic system awareness. With an interdisciplinary view, an extensive understanding of processes and the ability to quickly understand your engineers, we are the ideal partner for your PLM team.

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