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There are  several stumbling blocks that need to be removed on the way to an integrated development process. We understand where and how your product data is created in the lifecycle and know the hidden challenges. We work with clear structures, communicate transparently and integrate requirements with a holistic system awareness. With an interdisciplinary view, an extensive understanding of processes and the ability to quickly understand your engineers, we are the ideal partner for your PLM team.


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The everyday working life of a modern society is becoming increasingly flexible in terms of location and time. In addition to the major opportunities and freedoms that this development brings, it also presents companies with challenges. In modern cooperation, it is important to create a framework that enables open, flexible and efficient communication. With a holistic view, our experts support you in rethinking your development processes and setting them up digitally – with the right balance of hardware and software integration and the appropriate use of communication tools. We develop accessible workflows and eliminate existing information silos with you, hereby creating state-of-the-art cooperation solutions for the entire team, for your development partners and clients.


The rapidly increasing complexity of products requires a rethinking of outdated processes and systems. All areas benefit from a fully comprehensive PLM implementation. From design to collaboration with development partners and suppliers to quality assurance and manufacturing: our specialists help you right from the start to bring different perspectives into the equation so as to handle the challenges long-term that stem from the increased networking and digitalisation of your products. With us, you combine process models, system ideas and product structures within a consistent PLM framework. We guide your team in selected sub-disciplines or manage your project with full responsibility from concept to implementation.


Due to ever-increasing product complexity, large development projects require a more and more detailed implementation of holistic configuration management processes along the entire value chain. Our development specialists help you to implement these requirements professionally and for the long haul. In so doing, we work in accordance with the current international KM standards and provide you with extensive support – from configuration identification to the management of configuration units through to change control in your product structure and baseline.


There are many ways to create more flexibility and to intelligently integrate emerging data into your application landscape. We can help you with our many years of experience from process analysis to solution implementation. Pragmatic solutions that don’t remain a mere vision, but can actually be implemented, are paramount. Sometimes the best solution is not the large-scale PLM implementation project, but a more suitable alternative in a small format. With you, we develop suitable connectors and APIs for existing applications in your IT landscape and in doing so, ensure smooth interface communication. Thus a system integration is guaranteed with which your team can continue to work in a familiar application setting.


Networked technologies and intelligent evaluation and use of data offer a significant advantage over the competition if implemented correctly. We therefore focus on a complete dovetailing of your information in the engineering process. Product lifecycle management as a comprehensive concept is the key to effectively and efficiently linking the product throughout its entire lifecycle. With it, you can shorten early prototyping phases or increase your after-sales business. We help you to create the appropriate structures, to not only bring into play corresponding IT integrations, but also open up entirely new business cases with digital engineering.


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With advancing digitalisation, the amount of data to be managed within the scope of complex business processes is constantly growing. Inconsistent and unstructured data management leads to inefficient procedures and high error rates along all process chains. The use of individually developed software solutions ensures sustainable data management here.
We develop a software solution tailored to your needs. In the process, we take on and accompany the entire software development process in a holistic and goal-oriented manner. From planning and development through to rollout and user training. Should you have your own experts for the software development, but require support in some areas, we are also happy to take on sub-sections for you.


With digitalisation, the collection and storage of data has taken on a life of its own. Yet this opportunity has only in very few cases led to large-scale value creation. Using the right strategies, digital platforms and tools, however, we can ensure sustainable progress and faster growth. Our development specialists guide and accompany you with our service portfolio on the pathway to a truly data-driven company. In-depth, well-conceived, fast.

digitalsalt - Ihre Beratung für Product Lifecycle Management
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