Systems Engineering

We provide you with structures that allow you to remain agile while developing complex systems.


Greater interdisciplinarity of future products poses far-reaching difficulties for companies in almost all industries. Taking into account the entire process chain in the product lifecycle, the management capacities for designing state-of-the-art systems is increasing at a grand scale. Complex products in medical technology, large infrastructure programmes, construction projects in the security industry as well as other projects place challenging demands on systems, processes and people.
With extensive understanding of systems, specialist knowledge and the right methods, we support you in orchestrating cross-disciplinary collaboration – for the successful introduction of systems engineering in your company


43 per cent of all managers consider the increased networking and product complexity to be the greatest challenges of the future.

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A detailed understanding of the product is indispensable when considering complex specifications. With a cross-domain understanding of system interdependencies we make compliance risks visible and help you to formulate, prioritise and track requirements. We link the requirements with your product structure and develop your platforms and systems, also using modern AI technologies. We help you in the process of verifying your customer requirements. With a holistic management of requirements as our basis, we secure agile project control – for more transparency and flexibility in your development project.


The increasingly complex combination of capabilities and resources of individual systems merging into a complex overall system requires systems thinking and a structured approach, especially at the beginning of the development. We are certified system engineers and are competent when it comes to dealing with the prevalent standards. We integrate the relevant structures into your development processes in accordance with MIL-STD 489, ISO 12207, IEC 15288, V-Modell XT, ASDEFCON, etc. We combine the most proven methods from agile and traditional process models and thus create sustainable system structures for your products of the future.

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Systems Safety allows you to identify product risks in early development phases already and to initiate appropriate countermeasures – quickly and cost-efficiently.
We assist you with extensive know-how concerning functional safety according to IEC 61508, MIL-STD 882 or ISO 26262 standards. We accompany you with the identification and analysis of the overall system architecture, support you in the creation and evaluation of hazard assessments as well as the validation and verification of your systems.


Increased networking of systems requires model-driven development. Both in software development and in systems engineering. With the implementation of MBSE in appropriate detail, we secure the cross-functional coordination of system architectures, interfaces and functional chains. Via the modelling, we also allow you to check reliability, availability and IT security, thus providing an essential contribution to holistic risk management. Our development experts implement UML/SysML methods and design an MBSE strategy adapted to your needs as the basis for digital transformation, which may also involve artificial intelligence as a key technology for support and optimization.


Systems engineering as a factor of success for complex overall solutions can only work if systems thinking is practiced across all project levels. We help you to strike the right balance between process, product and role understanding and train your staff accordingly, taking into account the existing structures, the corporate culture and the domain-specific strengths consistently while doing so. This enables us to create a basis of trust for advancing your development processes.


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There are  several stumbling blocks that need to be removed on the way to an integrated development process. We understand where and how your product data is created in the lifecycle and know the hidden challenges. We work with clear structures, communicate transparently and integrate requirements with a holistic system awareness. With an interdisciplinary view, an extensive understanding of processes and the ability to quickly understand your engineers, we are the ideal partner for your PLM team.


With advancing digitalisation, the amount of data to be managed within the scope of complex business processes is constantly growing. Inconsistent and unstructured data management leads to inefficient procedures and high error rates along all process chains. The use of individually developed software solutions ensures sustainable data management here.
We develop a software solution tailored to your needs. In the process, we take on and accompany the entire software development process in a holistic and goal-oriented manner. From planning and development through to rollout and user training. Should you have your own experts for the software development, but require support in some areas, we are also happy to take on sub-sections for you.

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