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digitalsalt AI POWER SEARCH: Advanced search capabilities in a large-scale project context

When it comes to large-scale projects, complexity is a given. With multi-layered contracts, multiple interfaces, a myriad of software products and an overwhelming amount of data, managing and making sense of information can be a daunting task. Traditional data management, even with experienced project managers at the helm, can be time-consuming and often feels like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Enter digitalsalt AI Power Search: This cognitive search application is tailored to meet the diverse challenges of large-scale projects. Our solution ensures quick search results without compromising on accuracy.

Put an end to endless searches for data with digitalsalt AI Power Search.

Accuracy and speed are crucial. With digitalsalt AI Power Search, you can find relevant information quickly and precisely.


User-Friendly Interface: The AI Power Search boasts an intuitive interface, making it accessible to both tech-savvy users and those new to AI-driven tools.

Chat Function: You can enter any question relevant to the project context in the input mask. The program then analyses the data of the integrated documents in a matter of seconds and provides an answer to the question.

Deep Data Dive: Harnessing the prowess of AI, our search delves into every contract, interface, and software product, ensuring comprehensive data coverage.

Citations: For each answer, the respective source from the document is indicated and cited.

Filtering Function: This function includes precedence of documents and searching correspondence (emails) including attachments. In Discovery Mode, you can choose which documents or specific time windows to search in. The answers can also be sorted according to the importance of the documents.

Secure Access: Thanks to an isolated search function, digitalsalt AI Power Search offers a secure application free from online dependencies.

How does digitalsalt’s AI-supported search system work?

1. User interaction:

Users enter their search queries at the front-end level. The interface captures the user queries using responsive design and dynamic rendering.

2. Server processing:

Upon receiving the input, the application server creates a customised query to retrieve the most relevant information from a knowledge base. This database summarises data from various sources to ensure comprehensive search results.

3. Interaction with the knowledge base:

Equipped with advanced indexing and querying capabilities, the knowledge base processes the query and extracts the relevant data.

4. Consultation of the base model:

The relevant data is then passed to a base model, a sophisticated AI system. This model interprets the query in the context of the data provided and generates an answer.

5. Result delivery:

The response is processed by the application server and presented to the user via the application UX (user experience) as a user-friendly result.


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digitalsalt - Ihre Beratung für Product Lifecycle Management
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